Basic information about project

The project, which aims to revitalize the fort, is focused on attracting the interest of the general public as to national cultural heritage and on increasing visits. In the future, we want to initiate archaeological excavations in the first and second courtyard, which have not yet been generally explored. This would allow us to begin to actively cooperate with international organizations in the field of the cultural and historical heritage of the country, and initiate exchanges for students of archeology in ongoing research at the fort. In the future we would like to also, for example, offer group visits for schools.
The project itself is primarily intended for residents, visitors to the region from other parts of Slovakia, visitors from abroad, students and anyone interested in history and cultural traditions. For these people, the project will generate tangible results. The main impact and positive contribution of the project will be on populations of western Slovakia and foreign tourists coming to Slovakia, who admire the historical heritage of our ancestors.
The second most important group will be children, students and young people who want to increase their spirit of knowledge of culture and pass on the traditions and customs for future generations. During different events and programs in the restored area of Hradiska Molpír, they will be able to discover the atmosphere of the time of Hradisku’s “pulsating life.“ At the renovated area, there will be regularly organized events, especially for organized school groups, and demonstrations of contemporary life, which will help the learning process within their curriculum.
Participation in the project will be affected by local and regional authorities which will make the surroundings more attractive for tourists, but also normal citizens. Similarly affected will be non-governmental and non-profit organizations that seek to support the region with employment and with greater promotion of natural or cultural heritage.