Project of hill fort

Due to its historical and natural base, the village of Smolenice is widely visited throughout the year. We therefore realize that besides the castle, the cave, and other interesting sights we can offer Smoleníc visitors a lot more. Molpier and its wealth, hidden underground, are of immense importance for direct contact with history, and for building national consciousness, which shows that even in our small Slovakia there is something as spectacular as a fortress that belonged to the most important finds of the Iron Age ( Hallstatt) throughout Central Europe. Its significance is thus not only local, but pan-European in dimension. In particular, the aim of the revitalization of the castle is to raise public awareness and interest in this national cultural heritage and increase its visibility. In the future, we want to initiate the continuation of archaeological research in the first and second courtyards, which have not yet been fully investigated. This would make it possible to actively cooperate with foreign organizations in the area of cultural and historical heritage of the countries, to initiate exchanges for archeology for students in the ongoing field studies. However, preserving and maintaining the site for future generations to show the invaluable historical wealth of our region, is a priority. In this rare monument, we see the opportunity to make Smolenice village visible not only in Slovakia but also abroad, to share the historical wealth we possess in our village.