Current situation

Finalisation of the first phase of the project - Revitalization of the fort on hill Molpír

Within the framework of the program, "Preservation and revitalization of cultural and natural heritage and the promotion of diversity in culture and art within the framework of the European cultural heritage," co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the state budget of the Slovak Republic, we completed the first phase of revitalization of the Molpír castle.

In the first stage, thanks to an obtained grant, we managed to clear the dam from the ravines and spruces in an area of approximately 5 hectares. After clearing this area, the visible terraces and lines of the second courtyard were revealed. We have greatly benefited from the possibility of carrying out an archaeological survey of the Airborne Laserscan under the grant, which allowed us to identify more efficiently and better potential archaeological objects. Within the project, we also carried out a geophysical survey to identify the geophysical manifestations of archaeological objects, especially the existence of former waves separating the individual courtyard courtyards. The results of both these measurements were subsequently used in archaeological research. Some outputs will be presented in the information brochures or on the information boards during the tour of the castle. Based on these results, we could initiate archeological research to confirm the presence of the defensive wall and determine its composition. Several probes were carried out as part of these studies, which did not confirm the presence of a wall in the first courtyard where the research showed that the defensive wall had been dismantled. Also, the presence of the defensive wall in the second valley was not confirmed and the research clearly did not prove that there was a defensive wall in the second courtyard. For these reasons, we decided to restore and present the defensive acropolis wall (third courtyard). After focusing and reviewing this area with probes, we decided to present the acropolis of the defensive wall to visitors. Visitors will observe a demo of the period dwellings of the inhabitants of the castle. We have created a detailed information system, which will also be present with current research results. For a better idea of the fortification, we prepared a sample of the 3D model of the wall on the stone pedestal at the entrance to its forefront. We are very pleased that for the visitors who came to us, we were able to build a smaller parking lot at the pre-emption area itself, from which the output is directly connected to the information system of the castle. Overall, we can conclude that we were able to complete the first phase of the revitalization of the castle on the basis of the grant funds obtained. The total revitalization project of the castle is divided into two stages. The second stage is the restoration and revitalization of the acropolis (third courtyard).

We are sorry that despite the requests for renting this parcel of the third courtyard, we have not been able to obtain a lease agreement from the SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences), which owns it. It is an essential condition for joining the grant program. We ask all visitors to take this into account. More information about the project can be found on our website

We would like to thank this grant especially for the management of Smolenice, which consisted of a contribution of € 32 027. Without this financial contribution we could not get involved in the grant program. We believe these finances have been well invested and our municipality can offer visitors a nice experience.